SELF PORTRAIT, Oil on Canvas, 36"X48", 1997-98
THE DILEMMA, Oil on Canvas, 36"X48", 1999
Drawing-1, Cryons on A4 Paper, 1996
Drawing-2, Cryons on A4 Paper, 1996
THE DREAM, Oil and Pastel on Canvas, 22"X28"
The Rootless, Oil on Canvas, 22"X28"
Drawing-3, cryons on Paper, 1996

“After migrating, he missed the beautiful Himachal landscapes he was used to. He sometimes felt caged and painted golden bars across innocuous scenes and split lives. Many immigrants saw his work and exclaimed, “That is me, that is exactly it.” Other did not want to know and shied away. He showed women draped in traditional dupattas and others in tight western clothes, sometimes with both sets of clothing combined in one figure. Again, he returned to showing farm people who now lived in England. He mentioned the old Punjabi saying about a snake with a poisonous lizard in its mouth, every way you look at it you lose. “Can’t eat it, can’t leave it, for it will bite.” Dangerous either way, to go or to stay, a characteristic of the immigrant’s dilemma....”